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Find your fragrance

Not sure about which fragrance will best suit you? Find a fragrance and order all scent sticks to try before you customise your candle. All our fragrances are carefully curated to match all of our wax variations to optomise maximum scent throw.

What kind of fragrance do you like?


Oak & Cedarwood

A smooth, seductive blend of woods radiating sheer quality; aged oak melds with arid cedarwood supported with deep, rich amber, luxurious mosses and opulent sandalwood. Cashmere musks and indulgent vanilla complete the sumptuous ambience. This candle is best lit at night and particularly in the bedroom!


Oak & Vetivert

Layers of dark oak, smooth sandalwood and rich vetivert are further deepened with the addition of a tangle of opulent amber and soft mosses. A gentle nuance of powdery iris rounds the fragrance whilst gossamer musks add elegance and sophistication. This candle is best lit when you wish to enjoy some personal time alone. Preferably in the bath, with a glass of red, Prosecco. You know the vibe.


Oak & Sliver Birch

A heady aroma of burnt oak infused with notes of resinous frankincense and smokey birch. Precious amber and balsamic labdanum add a deep resonance to the base. This candle is extremely versatile and can be lit during the day, evening, afternoon and it won’t overwhelm your surroundings.


Oak & Pine Resin

A resinous, woody blend opening with an abundance of cedarwood, smokey guaicwood and exotic patchouli woven with dark oak and opulent amber infused with exotic frankincense. Caressing musks envelop the blend in a luxurious cloud of affluence. This candle is best lit when entertaining a group of friends having a glass of something special.