East London collage including Hackney and Shoreditch


Our candles and scent sticks are made and manufactured in the heart of East London, under and arch in Hoxton. Our materials and ingredients are sourced as close to our headquarters as possible.

All our candle waxes are either vegan, natural or organic. We never use any petroleum, paraffin or any of that nasty stuff you find in most candles.

We want to be part of the solution, not the pollution. Here at Displaced, we don’t use any plastic and are committed to limiting our waste. To push it even further, we offer candle refills to make sure your glass gets put to good use (over and over again!).

As a social enterprise, Displaced Fragrances is committed to providing opportunities to those that need them the most. For us, it’s important to invest in our community and to help those disadvantaged to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

The world definitely doesn’t need another home fragrance brand. We exist to serve our community, and we just happen to make candles. That is why you won’t find anything that’s going to help you to sleep better, find balance, or replenish your soul here. There’s no scientific evidence whether any of that actually works and there’s enough of that stuff out there already.


We are not here for financial gain, but to help level the playing field and offer better opportunities for all those displaced individuals that will cross our path.

The Displaced team, composed of a group of individuals, who at one time or another, were Displaced from their local communities either through mental health problems, a breakdown of the family unit, substance abuse, gang culture or lack of education, is committed to providing opportunities to those that need them the most. The path to true equality is through economic equality, and that’s why we do what we do — in the hopes of helping create generational wealth for the most disadvantaged.


Everyone has the right to realise their dreams and ambitions in ways they didn’t know were possible, and we’re here to help. Every season, we curate a unique set of fragrances, and donate 10% of every sale to a chosen charity. Our team comes together to select a cause dear to our hearts, whether it affects a team member directly or indirectly, and works to raise awareness (and funds ) to help support that particular cause (check out our socials to see who we’re supporting this season).

East London collage in black and white with coloured patterns


Portrait of Displaced Fragrances founder


Lead curator here at Displaced and love creating opportunities for the less fortunate. Which, effectively is a high proportion of our society. Have been a music producer to some of the worlds biggest stars, a teacher to those that most teachers don’t want to teach and I absolutely love fragrances. Haven’t been displaced from society as such, but have definitely found it hard to fit it into some industries because of the colour of my skin and the barriers that causes.

DISPLACED FRAGRANCES / HANDMADE / Ethically sourced / ORGANIC / No animal testing / No PLASTIC / NO gmo / Natural ingredients / NO PETROLEUM / VEGAN FRIENDLY