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Oak & Vetivert, Coconut & Beeswax, Single Wick


Our Oak & Vetiver candle was developed to provide you with a layered, elegant and sophisticated fragrance. We paired this scent with our Coconut & Organic Beeswax to add to the fresh feel of the fragrance.

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This product is not suitable for vegans. We never use petroleum nor paraffin in any of our products.

The wax contains Coconut Wax and Natural Beeswax Granules (certified organic). The fragrance contains traces of Oak; Vetiver; Sandalwood; Mosses; Irises; and Musks.


Our products don’t contain plastic, because we are truly committed to doing our part in saving the plant. Instead, we use mouth-blown and hand-cut glass to create your candle holder. Each glass may vary slightly in thickness and in height. The candlewick is made in the UK, from braided Cotton fibre filaments, which are then coated with a high melt-point natural vegan wax.

postage + PACKAGING

Our products are all made and manufactured in East London. Shipping within a 5 mile radius of Hoxton station will be carried out by sustainable delivery startup, Urb-it. All products to be shipped internationally will be posted in bulk, and only once a month to limit our footprint.


When you buy a candle from us, if you send it back to us in the original packaging, we’ll refill it for you for a third of the price of a candle. We encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle, so your first refill is on us (we’ll just ask you to cover postage and packaging)! You can even try a different fragrance and wax combination to find your favourite of the season.

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Oak & Vetivert


Coconut & Organic Beeswax