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Scented Coffee


Inspired by the archipelagic islands of the Maldives. Our scented coffee is another way of experiencing our incredible Patchouli + Black Pepper fragrance. Simply light and let the fragrance fill your surroundings, both indoors and out. Comes together in our signature brass dish. You can also use the coffee scent to ward off any pesky insects during balmy summer nights or even those annoying ones flying around your bedroom.


Once lit, it’s important not to move the dish whilst hot as doing so may cause harm. Simply point the flame towards the scented coffee and the flame will ignite the coffee. Leave to burn and simmer for at least 60 seconds. The flame will go out on its own and the smoke from the dish will fill your surroundings. You can light your scented coffee up to 6 times.


Grounded coffee & pure fragrance. That’s it. 

The fragrance contains traces of Patchouli; Black Pepper; Cedarwood; Amber; Vetiver; Violet; and Musks. This product is suitable for vegans.


Our coffee is recycled from the Grind, Old Street, and it comes in our signature brass dish. 

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Our products are all made and manufactured in East London. Shipping within a 5 mile radius of Hoxton station will be carried out by sustainable delivery service, Zhero London. All products to be shipped internationally will be posted in bulk, and only once a month to limit our footprint.

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Scented Coffee Fragrance

Patchouli + Rose, Patchouli + Saffron, Patchouli + Anise, Patchouli + Black Pepper

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