A/W Fragrances


We’re committed to running a sustainable business and to providing conscious offerings, sourced and produced locally. We encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle, and that’s why we do refills. And no, we’re not talking about drinks — we’ll refill your candle for a third of the price of your initial candle. And because we truly are devoted to contributing to a healthy environment, your first refill is on us! We just ask for you to cover P&P. So customise a candle, and when it’s done, get a refill in a few easy steps.

→ Send us a message on our website chat to claim your refill

Instead of throwing the glass away, send it back to us in the packaging your original candle came in. We’ll wash and polish the glass for you so it looks good as new!

You can either use the same ingredients as before or choose a different set of waxes and fragrances. The choice is yours! We’ll hand-make your chosen combination and refill your glass.

You can either send the candle back to yourself or send it to a friend as a gift to share the love.

DISPLACED FRAGRANCES / HANDMADE / Ethically sourced / ORGANIC / No animal testing / No PLASTIC / NO gmo / Natural ingredients / NO PETROLEUM / VEGAN FRIENDLY