The Displaced team, composed of a group of young individuals.

Who at one time or another, were Displaced from their local communities either through mental health problems, a breakdown of the family unit, substance abuse, gang culture or lack of education, is committed to providing opportunities to those that need them the most.

We are not here for financial gain, but to help level the playing field and offer better opportunities for all those displaced individuals that will cross our path.

The path to true equality is through economic equality, and that’s why we do what we do — in the hopes of helping to create generational wealth for the most disadvantaged.

We Are Displaced

Keisha, Trey & Samuel are our young creators who believe in:

• Everyone deserves a chance.

• In loyalty, friendship and supporting our local community.

• In honesty and transparency.

• It’s more important to make something we’re proud of than to make money (although we’re not into losing money either).

• We believe there is something in the shifting balance of power?

We've never let our past troubles or difficulties get in the way of our progress and believe that Displaced Fragrances is a place where we can be ourselves without any scrutiny or judgement. Join the tribe!