A/W Fragrances


Shop our favourite combinations of wax types and fragrances from our handmade single wick candles.
All our waxes contain a coconut base. This season's fragrances were all inspired by some of our favourite music genres.


Explore this season’s limited edition fragrances - there’s a mood for everyone! All our fragrances are carefully curated to match our
wax variations to provide powerful, long-lasting scents.


Lo fi musksLO-FI MUSKS An unexpected woody scent: a creative mix of smoky cedarwood and smooth patchouli, with amber and vetiver adding depth, whilst violet and musk soften the blend. This one’s for one of those days where you’re tired of the daily grind and just want something a little bit different to shake up your day.


An earthy yet seductive blend, with bergamot and saffron top notes, and patchouli, sandalwood and moss base notes, completed with sultry musks. This one’s for one of those lazy Sundays at home, reading your favourite book and drinking a warm cup of tea or coffee.


A warm and soft floral blend with an exotic touch of frankincense, vanilla and patchouli base notes. A finishing touch of Guaiacwood seals the deal for this special fragrance. Perfect for one of those long summer nights with a glass of rosé in the garden.


RETRO SOUL PINE Rich notes of dark anise interplay with soft patchouli for an invigorating and seductive fragrance, strengthened with iris musk, sandalwood, vetiver and cedar. This one’s for one of those days where you’re lacking inspiration. Burn this candle to stimulate your senses and leave your creative block behind.

Home fragrance done differently

Our scented coffee provides you with a new and unexpected way to experience our limited edition fragrances. If you're tired of candles, give our infused coffee a go to fill your home with one of our unique seasonal fragrances!


Try out this season's fragrances with our collection of scent sticks before customising
your candle. Burn them like incense and pick your favourite fragrance!

DISPLACED FRAGRANCES / HANDMADE / Ethically sourced / ORGANIC / No animal testing / No PLASTIC / NO gmo / Natural ingredients / NO PETROLEUM / VEGAN FRIENDLY